What We Do

Altair Executive Search is dedicated to providing value-added and quality service to our clients.

How Altair Executive Search is Different

The breadth and depth of our functional and industry search experiences are significant strengths of our practice. Having worked with numerous organizations of various sizes, ownership structures and maturities, we provide unique perspectives to serve clients in our executive search engagements and other consulting assignments.

We have personal experience in the governance of organizations, providing support to Board of Directors, Compensation and Search Committees, Chief Executive Officers, and Chief Human Resources Officers. Our aptitude as search consultants as well as our skills in organizational development initiatives, including performance management and related compensation plans, prepare us well to effectively assist our clients.

We have demonstrated competence in successfully bringing closure to search engagements related to several functional job families in a wide variety of industries, such as: agribusiness, consumer, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, private equity, services, technology, and transportation.

Altair Executive Search is dedicated to providing value-added and quality service to our clients, and we are confident that our strategies, creativity, resourcefulness, professionalism and demonstrated ability to evaluate candidates will serve your organization well. Our years of specialized professional experience combine for a seasoned, mature stewardship in conducting executive and professional search engagements.

Our Services


We provide customized research of potential candidates and sources incorporating input from your key stakeholders


We thoroughly engage the marketplace to generate interest from industry-leading executives


We assess, qualify and present top-quality candidates who will drive significant enterprise value


We continue to be actively involved in negotiations, final offer presentation, and post placement follow-up to ensure a successful outcome

Fewer Off-Limits

Altair Executive Search is highly selective with our clients as we recognize the need to have full access to the marketplace. Why should you be restricted from top-talent by virtue of an unrelated, pre-existing search relationship? Due to the variety of our clients and industries, we have minimal blockage restrictions, which can significantly inhibit a national or global search firm, ensuring the broadest available candidate reach for your search.

How We Do It

One of the most crucial aspects to ensure a successful search outcome begins at the start – a proper stakeholder intake meeting. It is vital that we are aligned to what the organization defines as the critical objectives, challenges, needs and requirements of the role. Together with the insight gleaned from the organizational culture and business strategy, this intelligence helps shape and mold our definition of the Utopian candidate. We capture this information and subsequently bring it forward to the marketplace in the form of our position specification.

We then develop our research strategy, which is customized for every search, as generally no two searches are alike. In conjunction with our client, we ensure that we are targeting appropriate source organizations while respecting those companies that may have unique customer or Board relationships that you wish to avoid. Having previously developed an understanding of what a successful candidate profile entails through our intake session, we are able to direct our research into those industries, companies and geographies that will most likely yield candidates with the requisite expertise.

Tapping into a diverse national network built over two generations of search experience, we begin contacting both sources and targeted candidates to not only identify, but also attract the highest qualified professionals for the role. State-of-the-art resources and tools are utilized to maximize our coverage of the candidate population. Discrete reference checking, if appropriate, is often initialized to filter out potential applicant red flags before they arise. Frequent communication of the search status and market feedback are utilized to fine-tune our search strategy while also providing transparency to our process.

Only interested candidates are then qualified and deeply assessed against those critical objectives, challenges, and needs derived from the stakeholder intake. Additional relevant information, such as compensation expectations, career objectives and potential relocation concerns is factored into the presentation of final candidates through a detailed report summarizing our recommendations.

We subsequently coordinate and schedule interviews between the top prospects and your team, conducting thorough interview debrief sessions with all parties. Comprehensive background and reference checks are conducted as appropriate, and we partner with you in negotiating an offer to the successful candidate. We continually check in with the new employee and hiring manager at regular intervals post-placement to ensure a proper on-boarding and transition.

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